The company

The company

GRISTIREN LIMITED is a newly established company situated in the Industrial area of Thessaloniki and specializes in the production of top quality cheese alternatives.

Our brand new state of the art machinery, and the qualified scientists that constitute the Research and Development and the quality control departments, give us the ability to respond with absolute fidelity to the demands of our customers.

At Gristiren, we value quality as a top priority, taking every step to ensure our products are developed and produced with superior ingredients and processes. 

  • From ingredient arrival all the way through finished product, our Quality Control plays a critical role in verifying food safety. 
  • Analytical testing assures all chemical, physical and microbiological requirements. 
  • Microbiological checks through independent laboratories 
  • Fully trained laboratory staff 

Established trade in 6 continents with a growing presence to over 20 countries worldwide. 
Nowadays of high consumer awareness of the importance and values of nutrition, our vegetable fat based products are gaining in popularity as excellent and healthier substitutes for cheese. Among the products we offer are both own branded and private label goods for the foodservice sector.
With a product range including Edam, Gouda, Mozzarella, Burger and Parmesan-types, our cheese alternative products are the best culinary choice for special diets such as:

  • Low Cholesterol
  • Low Fat
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Lactose Intolerance
  • Diets with religious restrictions etc.