Total Quality Management Policy

For all of us – the Administration, the Management and the Employees of Gristiren Ltd – the total Quality Policy and the responsibilities it entails, represent the core element of our strategy for growth and development.

Gristiren Limited is committed to the following priorities:

• Ensuring our products are of the highest quality, with manufacturing and treatment processes adhering to all existing National and European norms and regulations

• Respecting and meeting the needs of our clients, striving to provide satisfaction,while at the same time enhancing the image of the company and constantly showing sensitivity towards the final consumer .

•Avoiding the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) in production.

• Ensuring healthy and safe working conditions for our staff and creating a working environment which boosts productivity and competitiveness.

Respecting the Environment through

Reducing waste, monitoring the negative impact of new build and plant improvement on the environment, encouraging the use of recyclable materials and methods in production, while limiting the use of finite natural resources and promoting energy saving.

•Respecting the Ethical values and Religious Views of each member of staff, ensuring a healthy and dignified working environment , encouraging Employees to participate in problem solving procedures, inspiring them to perfect their skills through Continuing Professional Development, encouraging Teamwork and personal involvement of each member of the staff in all company matters.

•Creating incentives for the Employees to improve their performance, while constantly evaluating their efficiency through feedback received from clients, customers and other staff members etc.

•Constant monitoring of the challenges and requirements of the market in order to ensure the adaptability and flexibility of the products to suit changing demand.

The principles of Total Quality Management are respected by all members of staff and management and are applied to all operations within the company. They are subject to constant monitoring and review as to their efficiency and safety.